Patient Assistance Programs

Cancer medications are very expensive. Depending on your insurance policy some of these expenses are covered. Due to deductibles, out of pocket expenses and policy limitations, what is patient responsibility quickly adds up. Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology provides the required treatments as efficiently as possible. Patients and families also have a responsibility in following the recommendations and also taking care of the expenses incurred by the treatment.

Although it is difficult at times to talk about financial issues, it makes matters easier if you are open and express the need for possible assistance. There are several programs and foundations available. These programs vary depending on the criteria like percentage of the Federal Poverty Level and Disease Type. To make sure that the criteria are met patients, families should fill out the necessary paper work in a timely manner and as completely as possible. Some of the Oral Cancer drugs also have financial assistance. If you are one of our patients please ask our staff or Physicians about the availability of any such program for your condition.

Not everyone will be eligible for assistance. Please discuss payment arrangements with the Billing Staff before your account goes into collection. Be aware of the changes that are made to your insurance policies and make the front office or Billing office aware of the changes.

There are also several resources available on the Internet regarding Patient Assistance specifically for Hematology & Oncology patients. Our staff would like to help you to find these programs.