Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology is a proven leader in the management of blood and cancer related illnesses in the Fox Valley area for over 25 years.

Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of any type of cancer. We render Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy or Hormonal therapy as required by the type of cancer. After the treatments, a close follow-up is continued for monitoring the disease and preventing complications.

Hematology is the study of blood disorders, such as Lymphomas, Leukemias as well as benign hematologic problems such as Anemia, Bleeding and Clotting problems. We are trained and experienced in the treatment of all these blood disorders.

Our Physicians and Staff work well with the physicians and staff of local area hospitals and also with major university centers to coordinate care in Radiation Therapy, Surgery and other areas of medicine.

We actively participate in several national clinical trials, bringing the latest innovations in Cancer Care to the Fox Valley Area.

Our Physicians are trained at major institutions and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Staff understands the complexities of cancer diagnosis and treatment and can help you and your loved ones to cope with it.

Board Certified in Hematology, Oncology
and Internal Medicine
C. Yeshwant,

Zahir, MD

Nabrinsky, MD

Manjunath, MD

Desai, MD

Singh, MD

Offices in Elgin, Hoffman Estates,
McHenry, Woodstock and Huntley